Friday, October 17, 2008

Fracture Fable, continued

Paid a visit to Dr. S yesterday. The most recent x-ray (not this original) indicates all is mending well. The radius will heal a smidge shorter than it started, ending up the same length as the ulna. But at this stage the bones rarely shift, so I don't need to return for three weeks. At that time, Dr. S said "We can cut it off." I did verify that he didn't mean the arm. Whew!


Today was mammogram day. My mother and I scheduled our annuals for the same day and time to carpool. The techs were very considerate throughout the ordeal, however.... Jeez! They wonder why women keep putting off their mammograms! Not a pleasant experience. Then there's the lovely wait for results.


Still plugging along. Came to a pivotal scene, so I backed off to consider my approach. This scene sets up the whole story, so I don't want to just blather.


Indy is loving his classes. Not doing too badly. A little more focused on the treat than the equipment at times. During our last lesson we worked on the table, which was very low for our beginners. Indy jumped onto the table readily -- the trick was to get him to "drop" as soon as he was atop the table, He sort of got it. Later in the lesson we were waiting our turn for the grid jumps when Indy leapt onto the table on his own. Afterall, he got treats when he jumped up before! What a nut.

Those of us who've done hunter/jumpers with our horses were amused by the three "bounce" gymnastic (or grid) jumps for the dogs. Exactly what we've done from the saddle. Little easier to guide the horse from atop than direct our dogs who are smart enough to go around the jumps on a beeline for the treat.

Star for the last lesson was Abby, challenged by Spuds for the cute factor. Breeze by far has the best victory run. Rain has the most potential for breaking the land speed record. Indy has the fluff factor advantage, I think.

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