Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Change of Project

Since I fractured my wrist (with an assist by Phantom) I'm limited to one-handed, hunt-and-peck typing. Not only am I an experienced typist (anyone else learn on a manual?) but I actually use the formatting capabilities of Word. So temporarily losing a hand really affects my work. No way can I do all the selecting, cutting, pasting and formatting required to edit "Quest Schmest."

So I moved to another project.

"Legacy" is a YA fantasy set in the same world as "Quest" but in a different location. I've already done extensive research and plotting for the story that is currently planned as a trilogy. Took a bit to change gears, but I've handwritten a couple of scenes that I will type up later.

"Legacy" is about 16-year-old Aisley who lives on the isle of Pennleah that was conquered by the the Vardienians who now occupy and rule the island. She lives with her father who is a master saddler and her mother, a skilled weaver. Aisley can cast glamours, an Ability that she tries to keep secret because it sets her apart from others. One day, two traveling mountain clansmen from the north stop at the saddlery shop and Aisley learns that she isn't at all who she thought she was. With her life disrupted, Aisley sets out on a journey to discover who she really is and figure out her place in the world.

At least I'm still writing. And there's something about applying pen to paper as part of the creative process that's lost with a computer keyboard.


Shared Glory said...

1) YAY for a cast...sort of. But it looks pretty fly, if I do say so myself. ;)
2) I'm glad you can write with one hand at least!
3) What's a glamour? :)

Oregon Equestrian said...

Em: A glamour is an illusuon. Aisley has the ability to trick the senses of humans. So if an arrogant knight enters the shop and gives her the eye, she casts a glamour to make the knight percieve her as an old woman or a plain or homely girl. The tradeoff is, Aisley gets headaches afterward. The longer or more extreme the glamour, the worse the headache.

I rather like my purple arm. :-)