Sunday, March 22, 2009


I added a few paragraphs to "Legacy," but this weekend I made the most progress on "Wizard's Window."

This is a story that I've revived, since I conceived it years ago. I've been using my cobbled together outlining method that combines several sources for organizing a story arc.

Zoe, my 14-year-old protagonist, just stepped from her life into the fantasy realm. She will spend the rest of the book trying to return home with the assistance of Merritt, a wizard in training.

Zoe is very unhappy about the family's move from the Seattle area to a suburb south of Portland. She's had difficulty making new friends, and she's anxious about beginning high school in the fall. Both of her parents have been busy with a new job and settling in to their new house. Most irritating of all, her younger brother immediately made new friends. Plus, Zoe is upset about leaving behind the boarding stable where she was taking riding lessons. When her mother is too busy to check out a nearby stable, Zoe stomps upstairs to her room where she gets a big surprise.

I'm writing this story in first person, and it seems to be flowing more easily at the moment than "Legacy," which is written in third person. I may need to revisit POV for Legacy.

Anyway...feeling good about making progress on at least one of my projects.

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