Saturday, March 7, 2009

Barn Haps +

A look back at last summer.

Lots of activity at the barn so far this month. Freddie (a handsome thoroughbred gelding and Seattle Slew grandson) arrived with owner Anne. He resides in the little barn in the stall next to Phantom. Zorro (formerly Phantom's neighbor) relocated to the arena barn in the stall previously occupied by Guinness. Trainer Tracey acquired a new project horse. Zoe is a cute, fuzzy three-year-old pinto mare.

Generally, there are six of us who regularly frequent the barn on weekdays. Our visits don't always overlap, so we may or may not share the arena with each other. And every once in awhile I have the barn to myself.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived on Wednesday to see that Trainer Tracey and boarder Kim were already at the barn. Boarder Molly was also present to meet her shoer and give Harley and quick brushing. Just as I was about to collect Phantom from his turnout, an unfamiliar truck & trailer arrived with accompanying cars. They unloaded a handsome gray gelding and tacked him up for a lesson with Tracey. Since the weather was cooperative, I longed Phantom outside so as not to interfere with the lesson. Good thing I did -- he went whackadoodle and RACED around on the longe line. When Phantom and I arrived in the arena Tracey was riding the gorgeous gray for a group of onlookers, so I kept the pudgy gray Arab as far away from the elegant warmblood as I could. :-) But it's fun to have new faces at the barn.

We have a Barn Cleaning and Pizza Day scheduled for later this month. For the past few years we've hosted the Horse Owner's Workshop sponsored by the local feed store. In preparation, the boarders teamed up for a work day to clear away cobwebs, clean out tack rooms, scrub down the wash rack and generally spiff up the facility. The workshop will be held in-store at the new Wilco this year, but we're going to have our barn spring cleaning anyway. Clear up the over-winter stuff that accumulates when we're not looking.

Rumor has it that boarder Linda is planning a Play Day at the barn for next month. Can't wait to hear the details. So far I've heard "potluck" and "bring a 'gift' to be awarded as a prize." Hmmmm.

So much for the dilemma of when to switch mid-weight turnout blankets to sheets. There's a chance the Valley floor will see a dusting of snow this weekend. So Phantom will wear his warmer blanket for a few more days.

The Northwest Horse Expo will be held at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany again this month. And the twice yearly "Canby Tack Sale" will overflow the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby. The fabulous Devonwood Equestrian Center hosts the first of many dressage shows starting this month, also. The equine activities are starting up! Can the monsoons be far behind?

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