Monday, March 2, 2009


It's official, the horses are shedding. Each grooming session leaves me coated in white and Phantom standing in the center of a white "rug" of hair.

When there is a breeze, it transforms the rug of hair into "whitecaps" down the aisle. Then the cross breeze creates round, fuzzy, horsehair "bunnies" all over the end aisle.


Both my mother and I have been suffering. I think it was the flowers I got her for Valentine's Day (lilies have "attacked" me in the past). Although, a snootful of horse hair and dander can't help.

By Friday I had the most horrible sore throat, itchy sneezy nose, puffy eyes, and muzzy head. I couldn't get far from the box of tissues.

I'm doing much better today, even though I still sound like Rachel Ray. However, after vegetating on the sofa all weekend, I merely dropped off my board check at the barn and headed back home. A reprieve for Phantom.

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Shared Glory said...

Uh oh!! Feel better! I know I was dealing with some allergy stuff a week or two ago, so maybe it's just moved down? :) Hope you both are 100% asap!