Monday, March 9, 2009

Cougar Weather

March is definitely coming in like a lion. We had a dusting of snow yesterday morning that quickly disappeared. This morning Indy and I again took our morning walk in the snow. It melted on hitting pavement, but looked like powdered sugar everywhere else. Barn Owner Susan e-mailed all of us earlier this morning to let us know that the ground was covered and snow was still coming down heavy. ARGH!

It was COLD (hey, I'm a wimpy Northwesterner) and snowing when I arrived at the barn. I put out all my tack ready to "dress" Phantom, but once I got him in the little barn I thought better of riding. So I took him into the arena and, as expected, he went wacko on the longe line with snow pelting the roof. Even when finished and removing arena footing from his feet, Phantom was jumping at every little noise. Obviously nothing to be gained with that attitude. Plus -- I was alone at the barn and since breaking my wrist I'm much less brave about doing "battle" on my own. When the imaginary cougars are prowling outside the arena, the horses' minds are elsewhere!

So Phantom got a zoom groom and was returned to his turnout with the guys. Naturally, by the time Indy and I hit the road, the sun was peeking out. However, there were (and still are) some nasty looking clouds heading our way from the Coast Range.

Wackadoodle horse on the longe line in the wackadoodle weather!


So, is Indy spending too much time around horses?

Indy generally lifts his leg to pee in normal male dog manner. However, on occasion, he will pee with all four paws planted. Just like a gelding, but with less of a stretch position.

Amusingly, the last two times we've been to the barn he's peed like a gelding just before jumping into the car. Must be the company?


During Phantom's recent "lively" longe sessions, he's demonstrated quite the extended trot. Really reaching under himself and stretching out his forelegs. In fact, today he had a few strides of really flinging those front feet while getting a moment of lift.

He's got the potential. Now if I could only learn how to properly ask for it from the saddle.

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Stephanie said...

Yeah this is really interesting weather we are having although those of us Northwesterners up in Washington are kinda used to this nasty weather.

Will be a -3 F at my place tonight and last night we got 7 inches of new snow - just cause we're used to it doesn't mean we don't love to whine about it though! LOL!

And I was showing in this crap this weekend!