Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Provide pizza and they will come.

Today was our annual clean-up day at the barn. Over the past 2-3 years we've hosted the Purina Horse Owners Workshop for the local feed store. In preparation for hosting workshop attendees, the barn bunch gave the little barn and arena barn the once over. This year, Wilco is conducting the HOW in their big, new store. Owner Susan decided that we should give the barn the once over anyway.

So...with the offer of free food, the barn bunch showed up en masse.

Kudos to all, but a special tip of the cowboy hat to Mick who scaled a ladder to give the dust and cobwebs the heave ho!

The wash rack looks amazing. Both barns are cobwebless (if it isn't a word it should be). The tack rooms and feed room are all spiffed up. We even had a shop vac to give the job that professional touch!

I left Phantom his usual treat of sliced carrots and apple, so he'll get a surprise when he comes in, since I didn't ride. (I got into the habit of slicing the treats when I was making bran mashes for Kiyara...I still slice and dice.)

Interesting. I'll go to the barn to sweep up heaven-knows-what and get coated with dust, but I'll be d____ed if I'll do housework at home. :-)

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