Monday, March 16, 2009

Momma Don't Ride

The last time Phantom's mane was clean. *sigh*

Today was a little calmer following our blustery weekend; however, when I arrived the little barn and arena were rattling and groaning in the rain and wind. The noises made ME jump, which didn't portend a relaxed ride.

I not only broke my wrist at the end of September, I broke my Nerve. Even though I wasn't riding when I had the accident, I'm less confident in the saddle since resuming riding. As my primary care physician and fellow horsewoman has said, at our age we don't bounce when we land -- we snap. My broken wrist was such a hassle that I don't want an instant replay.

It appears that I'm quickly becoming a fair weather rider.

Oh well. Phantom was past due for a barber shop session so I changed plans following a 10 minute longe. I made a quick pass with the shedding blade and gel scrubber. Hair EVERYWHERE! I then brushed out and rebraided his mane and forelock. His mane is badly in need of a shampoo, but that's not going to happen until it warms up around here. But Phantom didn't care -- he loved the attention.

About the time I would have been in the arena had I decided to ride, the wind picked up and a storm cell dumped on the barn. By the time I finished with his mane and returned Phantom to his turnout, the sun came out. :-/


Trainer Tracey had the vet out to vaccinate her horses and perform dental work. While Zoe was still whoozy from her dental tranq, Tracey took advantage of the moment to neaten up the mare. The poor little girl didn't know what had hit her today between the vet and the clippers, but apparently she was pretty good about it all.

Best of all, Tracey uncovered a cute little pinto mare! Zoe has put on a little weight since her arrival, and Tracey brushed off a ton of shedding hair. With Zoe's face trimmed up and mane shortened, we got a better idea of the mare-to-be. Not bad!


allhorsestuff said...

Yea..know what you mean about fair weather riders..though I have gone out in it witht he rain have Autrailian Duster-will ride! But today, the HAIL was too much!
I have all clean takc all celan mare and the barn is looking pretty spiff too!

Shared Glory said...

It's a good thing we're heading into the fair weather season then! ;) Hopefully you'll get some riding in soon!