Monday, March 30, 2009

Vet Day

Open wide.

It was vaccination and dental work day for several of our horses...Phantom included. So we had several horses doing the "drunken sailor" walk back to their stalls following their session with the vet.

Phantom's mouth was in pretty good shape. He's had an annual dental visit for the past 2-3 years. I've been using my income tax refund to cover the bill, which works out well for the spring visit.

Abigail, our favorite cocker, was at the barn this morning, so Indy and she had some play time. Both puppies had a blast.

The good news was, Bay's ringworm is gone and he can leave the "leper colony" (round pen) to rejoin his pasture pals.

Genevieve popped in to wave hello to Zorro. She was looking much more chipper today since last week's close encounter with Zorro's foot. While tending his abscessed hoof, the pair experienced a gravity issue that resulted in his foot impacting her head. Eighteen stitches later.... The good news is, the stitches come out tomorrow.

You aren't a true horse person unless you've had something broken, stitched or relocated by a horse. Honestly, you've got to have SOMETHING to discuss when the horse folks start talking "war wounds."

I hung around the barn after Phantom returned to his stall just to make sure he emerged from his stupor in good shape. When I wasn't catching up on news, I managed to add a couple of paragraphs to "Wizard."

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