Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frogs in Love

Indy and I set out for our morning walk the other day and were met by a chorus of croaking. Ah, frogs in love!

One of the neighborhood homes has a fountain and tiny pond in the front yard where a couple of frogs were in full operatic voice. The catch basin near the park where we usually walk was a caucophony of froggy pick-up lines.

Must be spring!


Finally made it to the touted 4-H tack sale at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby. It was a wonderland for the western folks. Not so much for hunter/jumper or dressage enthusiasts. Although, there were generic horse care items aplenty. Nothing I needed, and I didn't see any of the specific items on my list.

For someone decorating a home or business in an equestrian theme, it was a gold mine. Especially anyone going for an Old West look.


So he's a Sheltie and by lineage a Scotsman. I have decided that Indy's Native American name definitely must be "Pees Like a Horse."

Now he's even beginning a mini stretch before he pees with four on the floor.

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