Monday, June 8, 2009

Whatta Weekend

My Saturday turned out to be busier than I anticipated.

I was invited to a high school graduation party for a young lady who should still be about twelve years old but who managed to grow up into a beautiful young lady when I wasn't looking.

Then I got a call from Karen who was going to be in Metro area with Emily, so we arranged to meet in the morning at Washington Square. Turns out they had a party to attend in the Tigard area that afternoon, too.

Karen, Emily, and I strolled the mall to window shop and eat a light lunch. Emily is my official First Reader and photography inspiration. Karen and I worked together eons ago and commiserate with each other about the tangents that life takes us on. 

Then to the graduation party. Sammi was "Kiyara's Girl." Yes -- she was owned by a horse. My mare had a second career as a school master and introduced many young ladies and a couple of Boomers to the horse world. Sammi was her favorite girl, so much so that I changed Kiyara's registration to make Sammi her co-owner. The pair participated in Pony Club and Sammi competed on her in schooling shows and events. One of my favorite photos shows the pair coming out of the start box at an event, both horse and rider intent on the course.

I had a great visit at the party with several people from earlier periods of my horse life. You've got to love people who tell you how young you look and how slim you are! (Apparently their eyes are getting as bad as mine!). Anyway...these folks are part of my extended horse family and it was great to touch bases.

After a great day with friends, I walk into the house to find my mother sporting a huge gauze bandage over her left eye. It seems she took the dog out for a stroll and took a bad step when the sidewalk merged into a driveway apron. Fortunately, our neighbors and a landscaping crew came to her rescue. They picked her up, provided a towel for the bleeding (she's on blood thinners), and walked her home. Indy immediately sat down when my mother landed on the sidewalk and was well-behaved throughout the ordeal, thank goodness. The neighbor urged my mother to see the doctor. Rather than call me and ruin my visit with friends, she waited for me to get home.

So off we went to our frequent night spot:  the Emergency Room. I wish it was the name of a local pub, but no -- it's the ER at Providence Hospital. This time our visit only lasted three hours. X-rays and a CT scan showed no breaks or internal bleeding. The doctor glued shut the small cut and the nurse gave her a tetanus shot. And we were sent home.

My mother looks like she went a round with Mohammed Ali. When the triage nurse asked my mother how she felt (light headed, nauseous, etc.) I told her "pissed." My mother was so MAD that she ended up in the ER.

The swelling is gradually going down. She has a glorious shiner and an eyebrow like the cavemen from the TV commercials. Since my mother never does things halfway, we'll also have to replace the scratched lense in her glasses. 


She is such a difficult parent to raise.  :-)


Shared Glory said...

Well at least she has something to show for her efforts, right? :) I feel for her and for you! ER visits are absolutely no fun, but they do make for pretty dramatic people watching episodes. Inspiration for writing?

I had a great time hanging with you and am glad we got to get together! I definitely want to head down your way in the fall and do "non broken arm" Mary and Phantom pictures :)

And I'm still waiting for the next chapter...but I understand you're a little preoccupied :)

Cyndi Turner said...

Hey Mary,
I am so glad we got to see you on Saturday!! We have missed you so much! I know my eyesight isn't the best, but you look fabulous! Retirement agrees with you!!

I'm glad to now be able to follow your blog and keep you in the loop from our end.

Thanks again for visiting and celebrating Sammi's graduation with us. It meant a lot to Sammi too!
Love ya,