Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun for All

Trail Ride

We put out the word and this is the group that went out today. 

(Phantom's nose) Harley, Finn, and  Zorro with their people.

Zoe, Phantom, and Harley with their people.

It took a couple of pictures to get all of us included. Keep in mind, these photos were taken with an iPhone from atop the two greenest horses in our troupe. Yes, we are in the middle of a wheat/oat field (us city girls aren't sure what the crop is!) but we followed the tracks left behind by the farm machinery.

We had to laugh. At one point we exited the planted field to step into a bare field. Zoe went first and tripped on a hidden rut in the dirt, Phantom followed right behind and nearly went down, Harley came next and he tripped too. Zorro managed to navigate the "obstacle" without trouble, and we sent Finn around it. Can you tell our horses spend too much time in the arena?!

We hope to remedy that situation with more trail rides off the property with whichever of the boarders can join up.

Puppy Play Time

Indy got to play with Breeze and boxer puppy Indi before and after our trail ride. Right now, my Indy is "Big Indy" and puppy Indi is "Little Indi." Given the size of Indi's paws, she will soon become "Big Indi" and my little Goober Boy will become "Fluffy Indy."

Indy has turned out to be the best uncle for the puppies. He runs and runs in his Sheltie circles so the puppies will chase him. And he lets the little ones jump all over him. Little Indi is fascinated with Big Indy's fluff and generally comes away with a mouthful of hair after chewing on his tail and "pantaloons."

Anyway, I had one happy puppy after his play date with his Barn Buddies.

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Stephanie said...

I love the braid/band job on the mane! Looks great. I have always wanted a horse with a mane long enough to try that with.