Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The only breeches that fit me are the On Course "Shapely" breeches. The high waist suits me fine, since I'm long through the rise. BUT, they're 100% cotton which tends to disintegrate around the faux suede after a period of time. A shorter period than I prefer. *sigh*

Anyway...when I received some money for my birthday (39 AGAIN, and holding with white knuckles) I ordered three pair of full seat breeches from Dover Saddlery's web site. I'm a customer of record, so the online order confirmation and follow-up e-mail confirmation correctly indicated my billing and shipping address as my PO Box in the 'burbs. Since it appeared that FedEx required a street address for delivery, I added it to the order.

The order was delivered today in my mother's name to her PO Box in the 'burbs.


She has, in the distant past, ordered gifts from Dover. But why, when the order confirmations were correct, was the shipping address suddenly changed to her name and address? Fortunately, the order reached me. But what if the address had been changed to that of a stranger?

Anyway, I emailed Dover's Customer Service to inquire why the address change. I'm sure it's a quirk of the computer program.

As the king told Anna: "Is a puzzlement."


Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday...I have been 39 for the last several years as well! What a coincidence! Lol! I'm going to checkout that website. Thanks for sharing. :) You look great in the breeches.

Are you going to the Country Classics next weekend?

Oregon Equestrian said...


I wish I looked as good as the model in the breeches, but I'm considerably shorter and plumper.

The Country Classic has been downsized, but I'm hoping to attend yet again this year. No Speed Derby on Saturday. :-( Love the optional jump over the giant log!