Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Fun

Phantom's "Fun"

I called it good after he trotted very prettily over some ground poles. I started with a longe session using side reins. Got our canter work in. And then trotted him over the cavaletti. Since we haven't done ground poles in ages, I was very pleased that he went through them forward and round. Good lad! He was rewarded with some free grazing and his usual apples & carrots.

Indy's Fun

CEC's "Dog Park" was active with Breeze, boxer Indi, and schnauzer Maury in attendance. Indy got to run his "sheep herding" circles and was "assaulted" by Indi who remains fascinated by Sheltie fluff. Maury seemed to think the Usual Gang was a bit over the top, but he got in some play time, too.

Finn's Fun

First time over cavaletti and his first crossbar. Our gangly warmblood didn't look twice and was cool, calm, and collected with the new challenges presented to him. Kim was a bit discombobulated riding in a close contact saddle instead of her usual Barcalounger dressage saddle...but she coped well. And she put up with instructions from Genevieve and me.

Zorro's Fun

Our resident jumper has been on the "injured reserved" list when it comes to frequent flyer opportunities. But Genevieve ventured over the crossbar set up for Finn. She took the fence off a circle so Zorro wouldn't have time to focus on it and turn it into a four-foot oxer on takeoff. Once each direction and he was a very good boy. No rushing the jump, no bolting afterward.

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