Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flower Power

Okay, so it seemed to take forever to buy a few flowers for the front porch. I got a couple of pre-planted hanging baskets for Mother's Day. They provide a nice bit of color and even get visits by bumble bees.

So when I stopped at Wilco for Phantom's annual Fly Busting Products shopping spree, I added some impatiens and a few other flowering plants to the cart. These were unloaded onto the front porch. Getting closer!

Today I finally planted the purplish impatiens in the little pots that go on the tiered stand that sits in the corner of the porch, and filled a few more planters that were looking pretty miserable after the winter. Swept the porch and walkway, dead-headed the roses, and trimmed back the ground cover that's loving our spring weather.

So what if it's almost the middle of June! 

Thank goodness we don't have a lawn! I don't mind killing, er, tending a few potted plants, but one of the reasons I lived in apartments for 25 years was to let someone else worry about the landscaping and building exterior. Even with a bark dust yard the work is never ending.

The Legacy of Pennleah

Started Chapter 6, Emily!

I'm still working from scenes that were already drafted, although they're turning out differently this time around. Anyway, the writing is still progressing well.

Sunday Stills

Must be a regional thing -- but there aren't all that many water towers and grain elevators in my vicinity.

When I Googled locations for water towers, I got hundreds of hits for The Water Tower shopping center on SW Macadam in Portland. That could be a dangerous trip!  ;-)

However, I did come across a reference for an historic water tower in the Charbonneau area that I had never heard of before. Wonder if I can locate it?

As for grain silos -- the closest I can think of are at the Port of Portland. Don't think I'll travel to eastern Oregon for that photo subject.

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Shared Glory said...

Ditto for my Sunday Still problem! I may use one of the interesting shots I got this week instead :)

And I'm so looking forward to chapter six, although admittedly I got tied up with finishing the senior portraits/graduation ceremony photos I shot and didn't get to chapter 5 until today where I found it hadn't been attached :(!
Hopefully I can print some of 6 off if it is done when I'm down under so I can read it on the plane :)