Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Horse Folks Can Accomplish

Last summer, Barn Owners Susan and Chris had the opportunity to upgrade our outdoor arena. Mark of Efficient Arena laser leveled the site and added layers of sand to create a marvelous, year-round riding area.

Unfortunately, by the time the arena was finished, the remaining funds didn't allow for the purchase of enough railroad ties to completely encompass the area. So ties were placed at the corners to contain the sand, and spaced along the long and short sides to mark the borders.

Fast forward to February 2010. The Wilco Farm Stores sale flyer arrives and there, amidst the farm gear, railroad ties are priced at $14 each with a membership card.

I couldn't afford to purchase enough railroad ties to finish the arena (even at the bargain price of $12 each for 20 or more). However, I could afford to buy a couple of ties, and if I could do so -- maybe the other boarders could too. Fortunately, when not working at home, Chris works at our local Wilco store. So I went in earlier this month and asked the cashier if I could buy two railroad ties for Chris to deliver to CEC. She confirmed that Chris and I were acquainted, I made the purchase, and the cashier held the loading slip to pass on to Chris.

It worked!

So I e-mailed the CEC Barn Bunch with my idea. If we each bought a couple of ties apiece we could fill in some of the gaps around the outdoor arena. A few of our folks own trucks, but most of us have cars that aren't suited to hauling around farm gear. I told everyone that I had made arrangements for Chris to bring home the ties at his convenience and suggested that they might do the same.

The Barn Bunch came through like gangbusters! As of today, both long sides of the arena are completed!

We have a good start on filling in the gaps at the short ends, and I believe there are still a few more ties for Chris to pick up.

We can now walk, trot, and canter without fear of scattering the sand out of the arena!

Now, I thought I knew most of the boarders at CEC. We have a daytime group and an after-work group, but our paths cross on occasion. And, as is the norm at most barns, if you don't know the owner you know the horse. However, I have yet to meet Anonymous and I have no idea which horse he or she owns! But Anonymous went above and beyond to help us complete the arena.

It's amazing what Horse Folks can accomplish when the call goes out. And the boarders and riders at CEC are the greatest.

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