Friday, February 26, 2010

Mirror, Mirror....

Thanks to Tracey and Marilyn, we have had mirrors set aside to place in the arena for (select one): (a) Our viewing pleasure; or (b) Our demoralizing torture.

It's taken awhile to get them placed. Other projects took priority, and there was the issue of how and where to mount them. The largest mirrors are plexiglass, the smaller ones are sliding closet doors. After much thought and research, Chris and Susan secured the large mirrors to plywood and Wednesday was the day.

Selecting the location.

Upsy daisy.

The large mirrors in place!

Today I introduced Phantom to the mirrors -- from the ground using the longe line (no fool, I). Standing at the in-gate he gave the mirrors the hairy eyeball, but once we got closer he became enamored with the handsome gray Arabian gelding who was staring back at him.

Too funny. Phantom touched noses, nickered, and closely examined the "other" horse.

One of the tall, skinny closet mirrors was affixed in the corner at the end of one long wall. Since we previously had a mirror situated similarly at the opposite end of the arena, Phantom merely admired the handsome gray anew.

I was concerned that Phantom might spook at the sudden appearance of "another" horse beside him as we came down the long side beside the mirrors. However, it seems the problem will be the opposite. On the longe line he stopped suddenly to visit with the "other" horse.

Zorro apparently had a similar response to the "other" black horse. Genevieve says he did a forehead plant against the mirror. What a handsome running Quarter!

Next comes the trauma of watching myself in the saddle. *sigh*

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