Monday, February 1, 2010

Vicarious Sidesaddle

I've never ridden sidesaddle and doubt I ever will, but the vintage pictures of ladies in their flowing riding habits have a romantic appeal. I've long had an interest in costume history, and I can't remember a moment when I didn't love horses. Talk about the perfect combination!

I recently began following Riding Aside and I am thoroughly enjoying Julie's postings about the challenges of riding sidesaddle. She shares collectible art prints, discusses historically accurate turnout, and displays the amazingly beautiful accoutrements of riding sidesaddle.

If you think riding astride is a challenge, imagine riding aside wearing a constricting corset, yards and yards of skirt, and dainty crochet gloves. Oh yes -- while keeping your chignon tidy and cueing the off side of your horse with only a cane or whip.

My favorite sidesaddle tale involves (if I remember correctly), the Arabian national championship show, a refurbished antique hunting sidesaddle, an historically accurate riding habit, and a Jack Russell puppy riding in a small basket attached to the saddle. The judges were flummoxed by the presence of a live dog in the class, but I believe they allowed it and the competitor won the class.

Talk about panache!

Take a gander at Julie's blog to revel in another era.

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wilsonc said...

I have a picture of Boo in a sidesaddle class from a few years back. My friend Lauren was riding him. I'll try to bring it to the barn this week and show it to you.