Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday for Linda

For the CEC Christmas party gift exchange, I wrapped up a sampling of my greeting cards. These are leftovers from my own holiday cards. I make a sketch, have about 50 cards printed up (blank inside), insert a holiday greeting, and whatever is left over I can use for other occasions.

My cards were a hit at the party and traded furiously until retired. Go figure. I can sketch a bit, but I'm not a fine artist.

However, that didn't stop Chuck. He requested something for wife Linda's birthday. Linda had a tight grip on my cards until they were "stolen" from her by Marilyn. These women seem so nice until you see them during the gift exchange! :-)

Anyway, Chuck saw that Linda liked my cards so he secretly e-mailed me photos of their half-draft mare, TuMay. The following was my favorite picture:

This is the sketch I made:
I had twenty-four cards printed up and then matted and framed the original sketch for Chuck to give Linda with the cards. He was very pleased with the results.

I don't consider my sketches as my salable ability. It's my writing that I thought was my marketable skill. I actually have an employment record as a writer. But I guess I have a minimalist sketch style that results in a recognizable subject matter.

You never know....

Meanwhile, I'll keep plugging away on Legacy, and expand on my new start with Water Tribute.

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wilsonc said...

I think it's a wonderful gift. If I'd been at the Christmas party I would have been trying to steal them too!