Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have little photographic or video evidence that I actually ride Phantom. So I was pleased when Kim brought her camera to the barn last week.

These pictures capture a typical schooling day. Phantom's mane is past due for brushing and re-banding. I took his tail out of its winter braid, so it's kinky and humorous. My cozy old fleece vest is coated with hair. My half chaps have been re-stitched so many times I've lost count.

Here we are inside the arena -- possibly the ugly sitting trot before I get my act together.

After I got a semblance of connection inside, we went outside to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather and our wonderful outdoor arena. Phantom bogged down and I had to get him in front of my leg again.

Ahh. Closer to what I was after.

Walkin' and talkin' with Genevieve as we cool down.

Phantom likes his buddy Zorro. They really are salt n pepper!

I'm still hoping to get Em back to the barn for a photo session. This time without me in a sling with a broken wrist, and with Phantom freshly bathed. Check out Em's remarkable work at Shared Glory.

Anyway...I now have evidence that I really do ride the Big Goober Boy. Not as well as I could, but I try. And he gives so much in spite of me.

Thanks to Kim for sharing her snaps of us!


AareneX said...

great photos!

Julie said...

I am usually the 'photographer' so it is always a treat for me when someone else snaps a few shots of me...something that did not happen at my last show..hence no pics except some really bad still shots from a video!

You guys look adorable!!

Shared Glory said...

Yes, yes, I would love to get over there for another photoshoot! :) Maybe when the weather perks up in April/May?
Great photos here too! :)