Monday, February 23, 2009

Travels with Guinness

It's expensive to own one horse, let alone two. Boarder Kim made the difficult decision to sell Guinness, her 13-year-old Lipizzan gelding. A prospective buyer gave Guinness a test "drive" and had the biggest smile during his canter. Sold! However, first he had to undergo a vet check. That was completed today.

Kim had to chuckle at Guinness' expression when his new owner and her trainer immediately loaded him onto the trailer following the vet exam and completion of paperwork. "Wha...Huh?"

The good news is, Guinness is remaining in Oregon, down the valley. Technically it's "up river," but on the map, it's "down."

The bad news is, it's hard to part with an equine partner.

Fortunately, Kim has Finn, a promising young warmblood to bring along.

So we say farewell to another of our equine pals and wish him and his new owner the best.

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