Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Solar Event

We've experienced great weather the past few days -- approaching record highs. I longed and rode Phantom outside today. He was very good, since the wet weather generally confines us to the indoor arena for months. I continued to work on my alternate posting trot, doing lots of direction changes and circles. Our work to the right didn't go as smoothly as I wanted -- undoubtedly due to my position. :-/

Quite the busy day at the barn. We seemed to arrive in shifts. Char was just putting on Pugsley's bridle and Lindsay was departing when Genevieve and I arrived. We were mounted when Molly came to do ground work with Harley. All of us took our horses outside for at least a stroll. Then Trainer Tracey and Kim each drove in. Zorro and Phantom free grazed while we let the dogs play. All of us gathered in the sun to chat and soak up some Vitamin D. It was pleasant to gather with fellow boarders and enjoy our brief teaser of spring weather.

These are the days when we struggle with which turnout to put on the horses. Temperatures still drop to freezing overnight and it's frosty in the morning, so the medium-weight blanket is appropriate. But when it pushes 60 degrees in the afternoon, even a turnout sheet is too much. But we must also prepare for abrupt changes in the weather. The clouds are supposed to return tomorrow and bring rain. As a reminder that it ain't spring yet, the meteorologists are talking about a dramatic drop in the freezing level over the weekend. *sigh*

So today we boarders relished our moment of companionship in the warmth of the sun.

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allhorsestuff said...

Hello to you!
Yea, the warmer days and freezes at night are troublesome, since my stable charges to for blanketing. Yet, my friend is having her leased mare out in the pasture next to mine for a month, so I just called her today and aksed her to take my mares blanket off. That worked out nicely! Think We will be doing that for each other and avoid all charges!
All in all...welcome warm!!!