Saturday, February 7, 2009


So at 7:30 am this morning I step outside with Indy for our morning walk and find the following.

Teenagers, I assume. Although I thought they had a curfew. Indy's final trip outside for the night was around 11:15 pm. So this had to have occurred after that.

Ah well. No harm done, and we weren't the only ones punked. As Indy and I strolled up the street I noticed several yard objects had been relocated from their usual spots. Simple fun.

The garbage can usually sits just outside the garage and is used for depositing the scat of the Canis familiaris who rules our house. Indy's poop, in other words. I doubt the kids realized that. Guess they were punked, too, but didn't know it. ;-)


Shared Glory said...

Oh--that was me, in a weak attempt to be a "bad @$$ teenager" while I still can. Not.

Did they think you wouldn't notice and drive off with that on your car?

allhorsestuff said...

Too wierd....better than beer bottles and cups I say!