Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Step Back

And two steps forward, I hope.

I realized I wasn't doing an adequate job of developing the relationship between Jezhene and Rakihm as I progressed with "Water Tribute." So I jotted down some ideas and I've backtracked a little to fill in the gaps.

My most recent rewrite hit the point where I'm not exactly sure what occurs next to lead in to the climactic scenes that I already have in mind. But I'm not really ducking the issue by backtracking. The relationship between Jezhene and Rakihm is important to some of the future actions Jezhene takes. So I figure going back to develop it correctly will help set up the "ohmigoshwhatsnext" section.

They say you should write what you enjoy reading. Sheesh! I don't yet have the chops to deal with the dense fantasy/adventure stories that I like to get lost in. But my goal is to develop my writing skills and work my way up to such a novel. I already have in mind a trilogy that I think will fit the bill, but I'm definitely not at the point where I can write it.

But I think I'm beginning to "get it" as far as writing and developing a novel is concerned.

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