Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Took down the "for sale" sign. I never actually put one up, since Phantom's bad days are few and far between.

Monday was a walk day with forehand pivots, side passes, leg yields and shoulders-in work. Just a reminder to get off the leg. Phantom gave the open end door the hairy eyeball, but didn't do anything but counter bend a little which I worked on correcting.

Today we had a quicky ride, since the temperature is on the rise. I wasn't at my best form, so I made allowances for Phantom. But we ended with some nice sitting trot work once I got my seat. Serpentines got him bendy and he gave me a "beach ball" ride (lifting and rounding his back). Called it good.

The shoer comes Friday, so Phantom will have twinkle toes. The temperature is predicted to push 100 if not go higher. Ack! Northwesterner webbed toes dry up and crinkle in hot weather! So Phantom will likely get a day off with a hose down for a brief cooling.

I volunteered to assist at the Arabians in Motion/Region IV sport horse show (see the AiM link below). I may be sorry, since temperatures will still be in the 90s. However, I should see Trainer Tracey ride as well as former Boarder Jewel. Shows are much more enjoyable when you know the participants. If I can manage to get up and around early enough I may be able to catch some of the hunter/jumper action before I report for duty at the main dressage arena where I'm to serve as warm-up and gate steward. Even though I'm riding dressage now, my roots are in hunters.

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