Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I gave Indy a bath yesterday when I got home from the barn before changing out of my already dirty and damp barn clothes. He fills up our utility tub! Anyway, he was nice and clean for an application of Bio Spot at bed time.

This morning his downy undercoat loosened by the bath was floating atop his outer coat. After breakfast I took him into the garage to give him a good brushing. I used the metal comb and the Furminator and I'm sure I could have spent HOURS removing fluff from Indy's coat. Ptui! I even used the new Wahl pocket clippers to trip up his paws. I made a few gouges in the fur (oops) but he now has "petite feet" that will even out with time.

I know, I know. I wanted a Sheltie. Poor Lacey had a thyroid condition that made her coat greasy, so Indy is my first experience with a normal Sheltie coat. See above reference to "Ptui!" Hair in my mouth, nose, and stuck to clothing not covered by the grooming apron. But at least the Fluffy Puppy enjoyed the brushing.

I enjoyed the shower afterwards to remove the fluff from me!

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