Monday, August 25, 2008


Hoo boy! A drop in the temperature and a series of overnight rain storms -- and the horses are feeling GOOD.

Phantom was waiting for me near the gate when I went out to collect him. He had the weekend off per usual and I think the trail ride must have done him some good. A change of pace from drill in the arena. We're all waiting for harvest of the corn field planted behind the property so we can venture out that direction to "get the cobwebs out." No trailer required. :-)

Anyway, tacked up Phantom, longed him briefly outside, and went to the covered arena for our work session. The arena had been watered and dragged and was beautifully smooth. Our resident teen and NW Buckskin champion was cleaning out the owner's tack room. She made a noise that startled Phantom. When I completed my circuit of the arena I could see in the arena surface where Phantom had done his "tap dance." Such a goober!

Phantom starts out at a brisk walk. His trot is quick and inverted. He's looking out the open door at the others geldings in their paddocks. Phantom tries to canter but he's so discombobulated he can't hold it. Serpentines didn't settle him, so I moved on to spiral circles. Finally settled for forehand pivots to make sure he was listening to seat and legs. Seemed to do the trick. After that we gradually worked into a semi decent posting trot on spiral circles. Got our ugly canters out of the way and went into sitting trot work. Got some nice leg yields and shoulders-in and a couple of not-so-ugly canters. Finished with posting trot on a long rein to release the kinks.

Phantom was definitely a keeper today.

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