Thursday, July 3, 2008

Early Fireworks

In my half awake-half asleep state, I thought the noise was Indy racing around the house. Then I woke up enough to realize that he was asleep in his crate at 2:30 am and not running around loose. So what was making the noise? I finally woke up completely to realize we had a lightening storm overhead.

I got out of bed to look out the window and caught some of the fireworks display. We don't usually get the huge thunder storms reputed to occur elsewhere in the US, but this storm appeared much more active than our usual storm. However, counting between the flash and thunder indicated the lightening wasn't directly overhead. So I returned to bed. I then considered our most recent thunder storm had let loose a heck of a downpour and the loft windows were wide open. So I got out of bed again to run upstairs to close up things.

No sooner did I return to bed than it started to rain. Awfully heavy and hard rain. Like solid objects larger than our normal hail. I jumped out of bed again to check out the sky lights in the living room. It sounded like the hail was going to come right through them!! I peeked out windows and without my glasses I could tell that the ground was white but couldn't distinguish the size of the hail. Needless to say, I was glad when it stopped.

This morning's walk with Indy revealed the remnants of our unusually strong storm. The ground looked like someone had shaken the trees and showered the ground with leaves. The local news was full of home videos and still photos of last night's fireworks.

Mother Nature is no slouch herself at pyrotechnic displays. Who needs to wait until July 4th for one heck of a show?!

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