Monday, June 30, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

So we had record-breaking high temperatures in the Willamette Valley on Saturday (102 in Aurora) -- and where were we? At the regional dog agility championships at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. It was HOT and we stayed only an hour or so. Fortunately, I witnessed the owners employing many methods to keep their dogs cool. From hosing down to cooling vests...and plenty of water available.

Per usual the dogs were a blast to watch. Some were new to agility and had their own agenda. Others were so intent on owner and course it was amazing. When the dogs petered out mid course because of the heat, the owners signaled they were finished and gave their dogs plenty of love on the way out of the ring. Per usual, the border collies were intense. We have soft spots for Jack Russells and Shelties so we particularly enjoyed watching them compete. Although...I could do a Welsh corgie any day. I don't know how the little silky terrier and papillion made the teeter move, they were so tiny. And I saw the smallest Sheltie I think I've ever seen. Makes Indy look like Goliath.

It's tempting to look into agility training for Indy, but I already have a horse I'm not training, I'm a "full time" chauffeur, I'm writing a novel, and I'm way behind in yard work. Do I need anything else on my agenda? Plus...I was a little concerned by the plethora of knee braces I noted the human competitors were sporting. Hmmmm.


Who knew? Indy loves ice cubes!! I had occasion to wrestle ice cubes from the tray some months ago and one fell on the floor. Indy grabbed it and crunched it until consumed. Okaaaay. Now we have our hotsy totsy new fridge with the water and ice dispenser in the door. We are making full use of it, and every time we fill a glass with ice, Indy comes running. We now have a plastic spoon handy just to scoop out a chunk of ice from the glass for Indy. Some times he plays with the ice, and other times he gets distracted, but he will chomp up the ice every time.

How do we end up with fur people that are such characters?!


Elected not to ride today. Still muggy and very smoggy. Smoke from lightening fires in the Cascades drifting into the valley. I just didn't have the gumption.

So Phantom got a dusty zoom groom (*cough*), I re-banded his mane to keep it untangled and off his neck, hosed him off, and applied fly spray and hoof conditioner. No complaints from him. He seems to know I'm trying to make him more comfortable in the heat and appreciates my efforts. Whatta guy.

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