Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mane Event

My very clean and bright white Arabian after his first bath of the season.

When Phantom and I joined up he was only three and his mane had never been touched, other than the loooong bridle path typical of non-sport horse Arabian showing. I put up with his long locks for a year or two by braiding mane and tail to prevent dreadlocks, then decided "the heck with it" and lopped off his mane with scissors. Trainer Cathi took some fabulous photos prior to the Attack of the Scissors. I call my favorite picture from that shoot Phantom's GQ cover know, "Geldings Quarterly!"

Anyway, after a few years of scissors and thinning shears, I decided to let Phantom's mane grow again. This time I acquired a neck cover to attach to his turnouts for the worst of the winter weather. As his mane grew I returned to braiding the half that poked out from the neck cover when he grazed. During our brief and record-breaking spell of hot weather in May I decided to comb out his mane and tail and give the roots a good sudsing. Lo and behold, his mane is as long as it was before I sheared it off!!

So here's my handsome guy in all his glory.

Instead of braids I'm banding his mane to prevent knots and to allow air to circulate. Not a problem during the return of our winter rains, but it will be cooler come summer. And I'm sure the Willamette Valley with have summer weather...sometime...soon?

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