Thursday, June 5, 2008


You thought I was referring to the horse!

Indy has been part of the family for eight months and I just figured out that he paces! Since I generally walk him with a Flexi leash, he's usually out in front of me so my view is that of his Sheltie "pantaloons" and fluffy tail. He has a kind of rolling gait and it didn't sink in until recently that he sometimes paces and sometimes trots. No rhyme or reason. He just picks up one or the other gait.

Apparently AKC considers the pace inappropriate. Oops! Oh well, I love my fluffy puppy the way he is.

Speaking of whom...he seems to have outgrown Lacey's old harnesses and I had to go out and buy him a new one. Royal purple. Since our Flexi leash is red, Indy has by default become a Linfield College dog. Go, wildcats!!

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