Thursday, July 24, 2008

Doggone Entertainment

Yesterday Indy got to play with Breeze, his greyhound barn buddy, and Phantom got the day off. Trainer Tracey and I let the dogs run around and got a good laugh out of them. Breeze, of course, is very speedy and as fast as Indy is Breeze is usually right on top of him. Indy has learned to make some quarter horse moves to duck Breeze, but she just a quickly learned to cut across circles or wait for him to come around again.

Last week or so Indy dove under one of the picnic tables after a run, using it like "home base" in a game of tag. Breeze got down on her elbows and squeezed her head under the bench seat, but her butt was still up in the air and she couldn't reach Indy. Yesterday Indy zipped around the picnic table to place it between him and Breeze. They did the comedy routine of going left and right after each other until Indy ducked under the table. He finally flopped there in the shade. Breeze went on a solo run -- a sight to behold even in the relatively small area in which she raced -- with Indy barking to egg her on. Once Breeze stopped to catch her breath, Indy emerged from under the table to play. Hmmm.

In an I-wish-I-had-my-camera moment, Breeze laid down next to Indy in the shade with him under the table and her just outside the table. Ahhhh.

No telling what they'll come up with next. They do it all on their own as we stand back and watch. Our goofy dogs are endlessly entertaining.

As for Phantom. What a guy! I'd placed him in the cross ties and when I saw Breeze was playing loose I ran out to untie Indy from the picnic table where I cable him with a bucket of water (I know he's not underfoot while I'm riding, he has access to shade and water). So Trainer Tracey and I watched the dogs and started chatting and poor Phantom was left standing patiently in the aisle. No complaints from Phantom of any manner. When I went to untie him he gave me a quiet nicker. I let him munch grass in the open area while Tracey and I continued to chat. My big Goober Boy was content and even grazed his way back toward his turnout. Definitely a keeper.

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