Friday, July 18, 2008

Working on "Go"

Started my rides this week with "go." Gave Phantom a generous rein and just asked for forward at all three gaits. Of course, he was inverted and "ugly" in the beginning, but after loosening up at all gaits he seemed to come into connection much better. "Go" was a process that Trainer Cathi had all her students work on, the idea being to get the horse moving forward TOWARD the bit before asking for the horse to work INTO the bit. So I went back to the exercise. Kind of confused Phantom, I think. But we figured it out.

Phantom is a fantastic guy in spite of me.

Our initial canter work today was definitely ugly. Canter has always been a problem for Phantom. Watching him on the longe line over the years, I think his preferred method of movement is to crossfire. Only I won't let him counter canter, so he didn't know what to do with his feet early in training. But today after he loosened up I rode a sitting trot and did a few trot/canter transitions with fair success. I say fair, because he tosses his head on the depart of a right lead. He doesn't do this on the left lead depart, but that lead was the most difficult to get and maintain early on. Anyway, after a nice canter I asked for a downward transition and got a wonderful forward and round trot. Only I couldn't sit it! By the time I caught up with Phantom and wasn't interferring with him, the trot was smaller. Still round, but not as large and forward.

So Phantom was giving me lovely work, but I didn't have the skill to keep up with him. He is such a lovely guy, he put up with me and gave me the best he could in spite of my mediocre riding.

My Goober Boy is definitely a keeper.

I hope to connect with Trainer Cathi again. She saved Phantom from me over and over in the past.


Okay, I saw a review of Commandos in "Modern Arabian Horse." They are cotton liners with an adhesive backing that are used like a panty liner...only without the panty. They prevent VPL (visible pany line) when wearing breeches and also help avoid wedgies. You can find out more at

Hmmm. At least with underwear there is an additional layer between the world and my cellulite. I don't know that I'm ready for this product. Nor is the equestrian world ready for me to use this product.

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allhorsestuff said...

Hello there!
I am just starting to read about your lovely left a comment on my site- thanks!

I tried the canter in our new, distraction-less arena, the other day when no one was around...kinda thought it would be better. I had gone outdoors the day before to a favorite spot to make sure that my aides were correct and understood by my mare for each lead and she was in understanding...Wonderful departures each diagonal! the was rearing buckfest again! I just held onto the grab stap(on my Dressage saddle-that's sad) and asked for keep on moveing foward...till we actually cantered calmly and transitioned down both directions. It was rough and if anyone had watched they would have wanted to up the insurance or have me sign an additional waiver!!!

I wanted to say, I also found some very comfy "Unders" that the lines are below on the thigh..."Smarty Pants"...through- heathyasahorse site~ Be talking more later~ allhorsestuff