Sunday, July 13, 2008

That's Another Story

In typical Gemini fashion I'm sidetracked on yet another story idea. After spending time at The Country Classic I started scribbling ideas and draft scenes for a YA fiction story set at a hunter-jumper barn. The protagonist is a working student, the antagonist is a spoiled boarder.

I have additional incomplete stories with H-J settings. One is a murder mystery, the other is a Middle Grade (MG) mystery/fantasy. All are located in the northern Willamette Valley.

The way I bounce from story to story when new ideas pop into my head, it's no wonder I don't finish things.

I thought that when I retired I would have the luxury of spending uninterrupted time on researching, outlining and writing. Ha! Since I'm doing all the driving, when not at the barn I'm chauffeuring my mother to her appointmens and on errands. So my non-barn days are as busy if not busier than the days spent with Phantom. So much for the best laid plans. :-)

So I have the same old problem I've always had...maintaining enthusiasm and the gist of the story when interrupted or falling asleep in front of the computer. At least I've accumulated several systems for orgainizing the flow of the story so it's easier to pick up where I left off...still, after you've been away from one story for awhile, it's easy to be bit by another story idea.

The good news is, I have no problem with ideas for stories. I have a couple of large stories (potential trilogies) that I know I don't yet have the skills for. But I'll keep working at it.

We'll see now which of my stories I'll pitch at the conference in August.

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