Monday, January 16, 2012


Indy at our favorite neighborhood high tech campus.
Here in the temperate Willamette Valley, snow is maybe a once-a-year event that causes temporary problems and then is gone for another 12 months. It's a special event. Indy particularly loves to eat the snow.

Snow nose.
I let Indy walk off leash Sunday morning before anyone else was about. Fortunately, he didn't see the wild bunny dash across the drive up ahead of us (I checked out the bunny prints in the snow).

The white stuff is a fun break from our dreary gray rainy days.

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marshahubler said...

We're getting ice/sleet/snow starting any minute here in central PA. My new dog Bailey, as in George Bailey in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, loves the snow. But he's only 2. My older dog, Skippy, at age 12, hates snow. In fact, he even hates to go out at all anymore. He's got arthritis in his legs.
So, we'll get our shovels ready and our heavy coats. That's Bailey and me. (And you can see Bailey on my Facebook page. He's a cutie.)