Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Hairstyle?

Pixelated, but you get the idea.
So I'm flipping through the December issue of Real Simple magazine and spy this model with an asymmetrical crop hairstyle. Now -- I don't look anywhere near as good as the model. And I don't color my hair so it's considerably more gray than this (see sidebar). But my short hair is in danger of looking too much like my high school gym teacher's. I may be an AARP member, but I ain't dead yet. So why not go for a little pizzaz?

With the help of the talented crew at Synergy Artistic Salon (thanks Michelle!) I took the first steps toward growing and shaping my hair in a style similar to that above.

And speaking of pizzaz, I've also been thinking about a single streak of neon color in my hair. No bleaching required prior to adding a splash of color to my grayest sections! Maybe I'll be brave enough once my hair has grown into the target style. We'll see.

Isn't it typical? Once you've grown out your hair you find a much shorter style that you want? And after you have it all whacked off, you find a longer style that you have to have. At least with long to short you don't have to go through the ugly-grow-out stage.

Nothing better to do during a wet, gray Oregon winter/spring than grow out a hairstyle. Switching styles keeps the moss and lichen from getting a firm hold.  ;-)

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wilsonc said...

I like it Mary, and I also like the idea of the colored streak. Sounds fun!