Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WWC 2010 Excitement Builds

This year's Willamette Writers Conference will be held August 6-8. The workshop schedule has just been posted, and bios are up for the agents, editors, and presenters.

As a writer of young adult (YA) fiction I am thrilled that Andrea Brown will here this year. The Andrea Brown Literary Agency represents authors of juvenile literature and at least one of its agents has attended the conference in recent years. This year Andrea herself will be presenting workshops and taking pitches.

I met Andrea at the WWC years ago during lunch. One of the reasons I like this conference is because you never know who you will meet between the workshops and pitches. Generally the agents and editors will ask others at the lunch table what they are writing. If it's within his or her area of interest, the agent/editor will usually ask for more detail about your project. If not, they often suggest agents or publishers that may be looking for a work like yours. So -- in addition to purchasing one-on-one sessions with an agent or editor, attendees often have other opportunities to promote their writing.

I also see that an editor from Tor (Stacy Hague-Hill) will be taking pitches. Science Fiction and Fantasy fans will know this imprint.

Mystery readers and writers will be excited to hear that Hallie Ephron will be presenting several workshops during the conference.

Every year I say I don't need to attend the conference if I don't have something to pitch. Then I get the brochure and see the workshops offered and can't wait to go.

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Shared Glory said...

Now, I don't know about not having anything to pitch! You've got two solid stories going, one of which is fully written out. I'd definitely say you should go!!