Thursday, March 11, 2010


El Nino conditions in the Pacific Northwest have resulted in unseasonably warm and dry (for us) winter months. Not to mention dramatic weather switches.

I've been incapacitated recently with allergy symptoms. About this time last week I got that little itchy twitch in my nose that hinted at allergy issues. By the weekend I was plugged up, sneezing, coughing, had a horribly sore throat, and puffy eyes. Oh joy. I'm much improved now, although still plugged up with coughing spells that feel like someone is trying to rip out my sternum. Lovely.

Recent temperatures in the upper 50s and record-breaking 60s in February spurred many plants to bloom early. One or more of those plants sent forth pollen that activated my histamines and set up the battle in my sinuses.

Visiting the barn and grooming a shedding horse didn't seem wise -- since a day with the horse can plug me up anyway. So Phantom is getting some time off. I did drop by the barn yesterday to let him free graze. Man, did I make points!

Interestingly enough, after an early taste of spring weather, conditions did a switcheroo, dropping the freezing level on Sunday and Monday to bring snow to the mountains and hills, as well as rain mixed with snow to the valley floor. All a little too late to prevent my allergies, of course.

Ah well -- much less of a hassle than was my broken wrist, and healing way faster. But a strain on the Kleenex supply.


wilsonc said...

Hope your feeling better Mary. Your symptoms sound more like that nasty virus that's been going around then they do allergies. My doctor just gave me prescription Sudafed as I am still fighting the lingering cough. I am hoping to get back out to the barn tomorrow.

Beth said...

Bless you! '

I hate allergies. I am allergic to horse, hay, and basically anything outside. Now some say that it is it doesn't work, but I have had a lot of luck eating local honey. See if you can't find honey made within a 10 mile radius of you.

AareneX said...

Feel better soon! We've got pouring sleet today, which is knocking all the pollen out of the sky. Maybe you'll get some too!