Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Stills: The Color Orange

Per usual, I wondered how I was going to meet Ed's weekly photography challenge. Then -- I saw orange everywhere!

So here we go:

Orange extension cord

Zorro and the Orange Traffic Cone (color enhanced)

Source of the Orange Traffic Cone

Orange reflector (Kim's horse trailer)

Orange scissors (Linda's grooming box)

Orange kitty (Scar working the "cuteness" factor)

See how others met the challenge at Sunday Stills.


Shirley said...

It's amazing how much orange is there when you really start looking; you found lots! Love the cat.

allhorsestuff said...

GREAT shots!!!
The scissors angle is excellent!
My fav is Scar the Orange -cuteness factor achieved-Kitty! that angle too!

dibear said...

Lots of orange! Love the kitty.
Wow, that's some green grass!! :)

Ed said...

Well done..:-)

gtyyup said...

I really like the scissors shot...the lighting with the shadows work well. And it looks like the Sunday Stills group have a lot of orange cats! Scar is quite the ham!

Sandy said...

LOL Scar certainly did good on the cuteness factor! Love it! Great job on finding so much orange stuff! The scissors one turned out really nice!

theegggather said...

Lots of good shots here.

Ann said...

1984, that's the year my eldest child was born. I hope you enjoyed visiting New Zealand. May be you like to come again.

Lots of horses around, especially where I went to the West Of Auckland.

moresecretwhispers said...

you did good, you really went looking for orange objects :)

Brenda said...

love the kitty shot - so curious! yes, lots of orange on the farm!

photographerpainterprintmaker said...

Great shots, no one can resist a good kitty shot, especially when the kitty is orange!