Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enquirer Missed this Story

Cross Country Fence Sprouts Calf Head

Boarders at this Willamette Valley boarding stable say the calf head appeared suddenly and without warning. They had no reason to believe the movable cross country fence was unusual in any way prior to the appearance of the head.

Fortunately, the residents and boarders at this barn indicate their horses are not frightened of the calf head, which is eerily still and quiet. The calf head is not bothered by ropes, despite numerous attempts to elicite a reaction.

The cause of this anomaly is unknown. Speculation includes fallout from the Hanford Nuclear Site far to the northeast, or the now defunct Trojan Nuclear Power Plant some distance to the northwest. Experts have not yet been consulted to investigate this phenomenon.

In the meantime, the boarders remain wary of the calf head and watchful for any changes in its demeanor.


Beth said...

That was truly one of the oddest blog posts I have ever read. :D

wilsonc said...

I laughed out loud when I read this Mary! I can't wait to show it to Mick tomorrow.

AareneX said...


We inherited a life-size plastic owl when we bought our farm. It's impaled on a post over the garden, and supposedly deters birds from entering and stealing the blueberries....but so far, the only creature who has ever reacted to the plastic owl is my dumb dog Luna, who barks threats to it whenever she sees it (i.e. pretty much every morning). It has always been in exactly the same spot. It never moves. It smells like plastic. Luna is CONVINCED that it's a problem.


gtyyup said...

LOL...cute post! It looks perfectly happy to spend some time right there!

Rising Rainbow said...

LOL! Ya gotta watch out for them calf heads.