Saturday, December 5, 2009

Princess Trixie Diary

Trixie models the latest in canine rainwear.

Trixie is scheduled to return home tomorrow. I can't wait to see her reaction when her "Mom" and "Dad" appear at the door.

Indy and Trixie have taken to regular play periods recently. They've had brief moments of play since Trixie arrived, but within the last week they've taken to playing for extended periods. One night they were wrestling and chasing for half an hour! They are hysterical to watch. Trixie jumps on Indy and bites at his ruff -- ending up with a mouthful of hair. Last night she looked like she had a gray goatee. Indy is so much larger than Trixie, but he gets down to her level and even rolls onto his side as they tussle. During the run and chase portion of play, either Trixie runs underneath Indy, or he leaps over her.

Trixie arrived with food, treats, toys, crate, and her established habits. We'll be sending her home with some new expectations. Like two good walks per day (full of sights and smells), peanut butter mixed in her breakfast, an ice cube to crunch when I fill my glass from the refrigerator dispenser, a bite of banana when I slice one up for breakfast, and evening lap time when my mother reads the newspaper.

Who's a spoiled puppy?

I wonder how Indy will take her departure? His single-dog kingdom was conquered and occupied by the little German Princess. She confiscated ice cubes, treats, and Indy's space beneath the table at meal times. Then again, Indy seemed to enjoy her company during our twice-daily walks, and their romps through the house.

It will definitely be a new adjustment when Princess Trixie returns home.


wilsonc said...

I hope Trixie lives close by so you can schedule play dates cuz I have a feeling they are going to miss one another. Their playtime sounds just like Miley and Poko. Unfortunately, I had to put a stop to indoor playtime. Poko is too big and was beginning to knock things over. Furniture things!

Oregon Equestrian said...

Good thing Indy is a scaled-down version of Poko!