Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Princess Trixie Diary

Flying Ears

Trixie = 2, shoes = 0

We were forewarned that Trixie had a penchant for gnawing on shoes. So the damage is all our own fault.

Trixie chewed on a slipper in my mother's open closet. Fortunately, it was one of a pair of slippers that she didn't wear because they don't fit.

I took a shower the other day and tossed my clothes on the bed and placed my Ariat paddock boots on a chair. Now, these are a pair of paddock boots that never went to the barn. I used to wear them to work and with jeans. They are (were) at least ten years old if not pushing 15. Still wearable, but well seasoned.

Anyway, I must have left a lace dangling over the edge of the chair because after the shower I discovered one boot on the floor well gnawed around the top. Now the pair are goners.

Miss Trixie must be watched at all times or you never know what she'll get into.

Miss Trixie believes it's only right that she's the center of attention. ;-)


allhorsestuff said...

Drat it all! are appropriately named!
Well, you may be surprised to hear that when My kitty can not get my attention in the am's(while I am in the bed still) she will CLAW at the shoes I have mistakendly left out on the floor, thinking that they are safe from a cat! NOPE!

wilsonc said...

Me thinks Miss Trixie needs a crate for those times she cannot be watched. She sounds like she is related to Miss Miley.

Oregon Equestrian said...

Fortunately, Miss Trixie loves her crate when a treat is provided.