Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who's In Charge Here?

Indy's "cousin" Trixie is visiting us for a few weeks while her people (my aunt and uncle) are out of town.

"All right, what did you do with my people?"

"They went thisaway."

Trixie is a miniature dachshund with their typical stubborn attitude. A little "German Princess." This is only her second full day with us, so we're still settling into a routine. But she has a brand new fleece coat (sewn last night by my mother) that came in handy during this morning's frosty walk.

One more demanding animal. ARGH!

Phantom demands a scratch under his bridle at the mounting block before I climb aboard. And upon returning to the little barn after my ride, Phantom demands cookies from the treat jar sitting atop the tack trunk in front of his stall.

Indy signals his demand to go outside with a ring of the bells hanging from the front door handle. Every evening he demands a game of keep-away by grabbing a toy or licked-clean paper plate or bowl and flipping the item until I take up the chase.

Trixie demands lap time any and every time my mother or I create one. She also demands space in my bed at night before falling asleep in her crate. Since Indy sleeps in his crate, his cousin Trixie is relegated to a crate also.

I already had two demanding animals in my life. Now I've added a third for a few weeks.

What was I thinking?! ;-)


jrosey said...

Ah, but the demands sure are worth the pay-off right? ;) Too funny. I used to have a mini weenie when I was a teenager. Such a cool dog. Stubborn, yes. Full of warm fuzzy love...definitely. :) Thanks for stopping by to read my dog story...I'm still so frustrated about it! It's very nice to know I'm not the only one who appreciates responsibility. And you're other neighbor and I were just talking about how much of a stink it would be if something had actually happened to the dog. The guy who I talked to was the homeowner's kid...the homeowner is WAY persnickety and would NOT be fun to deal with. Whatever. Hopefully I got through to him even if he didn't want to acknowledge it.

allhorsestuff said...

Too cute..yea I have heard about the Doxie's being demanding from Jewel girl!Trixie...approproiately named!

Well, T Cathi was very nice indeed...been trying to get in with her for a few years and weird cancelations persited-till last Sunday! FIANLLY!
The unfortunate thing about where- is I used to board there and my mare has definate thoughts about the arena....our former trainer burnt us out in boredom and I was not smart enough at the time to know what the heck was going on...Cath- jumped into action- the second my mare got bored and we did all kinds of patterns. It turned out nicely with some good new skills for me to have in the Riders tool belt!
(Other resident trainer is moving away, so she wiil be there more often)!!!
Be well for the few weeks of doggie company!