Thursday, November 19, 2009

Princess Trixie Diary

Ach, Himmel!! Princess Trixie is losing weight and developing a waistline!! As long as the weather is dry, she's eager to go outside and trots out or runs to keep up with Indy who is usually at the end of his 15-foot Flexi Leash.

Got a chuckle out of our German Princess today. We were at one of the pocket parks in the vicinity and Trixie rolled onto her back to get a good scratch on the grass. She was on a slight slope and inadvertently did a 360 rollover downhill! Not what she had in mind, I'm sure. I unwrapped the leash and we were on our way again.

Speaking of accidents. I think Indy had another encounter with the hot wire at the barn yesterday. We were all alone and I turned him loose while I returned Phantom to his turnout paddock. When I turned to walk back I saw Indy hauling butt toward the little barn where he disappeared. The last time I witnessed him do that was when he checked out that wire below the paddock tape. Since Indy generally watches me with Phantom while keeping his distance, I figured something was up. I think he hid in the feed room because I couldn't find him when I reached the barn. He was sure glad to receive a reassuring hug when he came out of hiding. Man, he's going to turn into a poodle yet.


Michelle said... Princess Trixie! :) Thank you ever so much for coming by with your prayers and well wishes for us! We are on the mend...Mocha a little more slowly but she has a huge appetite again and for that, I am happy. :)

Hope all has been well! Trying to get back into the swing of things. :)


Michelle and the kitties...

Cara said...

Totally amazing how much pleasure our animals give us while they are just being themselves.

wilsonc said...

I was just saying to Mick last night that I couldn't believe how much animals bring into a persons life. Don't think I could be without them now.

Shared Glory said...

Ohhh! Poor Indy!!!