Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not Just for Arabians

Another Perspective

Patrick Swayze is featured in the cover story of the October/November issue of Modern Arabian Horse. The media retrospectives done at his death focused on Swayze's acting career and made little, if any, mention of his equestrian activities. The MAH article portrays Swayze as just another horse lover -- someone we can all identify with.

Great Idea

The October/November issue of MAH highlights On the Cuff in it's "What's in Store" section. On the Cuff is a donut-shaped sponge that fits around the wrist to prevent water from running down the arm while doing chores, such as bathing a horse, washing a car or windows, etc. I could have used a pair this past summer!

Good Information

The "Bits & Bites" section of MAH alerts folks to the availability of "Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants." The book "...includes the 100 most common and toxic plants found in pastures, backyards, around barns and along trails." The Two Horse Enterprises web site offers many useful books for horse owners. Check it out.

"Bits & Bites" also refers riders to Troxel's Safety Resource Center where we can find up-to-date helmet protection information. The site includes "close call" stories where riders post their firsthand experiences with falls, kicks, etc.

Hauling your horse to a show or trail ride? The "Book Nook" portion of "Bits & Bites" advises readers that all seven Horse Tales for the Soul books are available on audio CD. Each of the stories is reportedly read by actual Horse Tales authors from around the world. Each book has more than 4.5 hours of stories to listen to. So you may be inclined to take the long route to your destination. Available at The Complete Pet or Horse Tales For The Soul.

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jrosey said...

On the cuff! Great idea! I could have used one the other night while feeding Caspian an apple over the fence. I had sticky apple juice all down my arm! I just love practical inventions like that. Thanks for sharing these tidbits! :)