Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gone ridin'

We enjoyed another day of unseasonably warm and dry weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Trainer Tracey and I schooled our horses in the outdoor arena -- taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and our wonderful addition to the facility. I suspect Marilyn took Cody outside for a the least.

Genevieve and Molly went for a trail ride. Probably the last one of the year.

Char and Mick gave Pugsley and bath with plans to clip him for the winter. Dirty hair clogs clippers big time, thus the rush to bathe during one of our last nice days of the fall.

And those are just the folks I know about who absorbed some rays while at the barn today.

Holding off the cold, wet, gray months as long as we can.


wilsonc said...

Both Bay and Pugs got bathed today, although for now only Pugs will be getting the clippers. I am very nervous about doing this as I have never done it on my own before. Last year Lindsey did it and the year before a girl from my old barn did it. Guess it's time for me to take charge.

allhorsestuff said...

I am happily riding too!
Don't say it "last times"!!!
There wil be more~