Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunday Stills: Yellow

So I read the challenge for this week and gazed across the room to ponder where I might go in search of something yellow...and there was the yellow highlighter.

I've already taken photos of the yellow striping on a country road, a yellow fire hydrant, yellow street signs, and Scotch broom in bloom.

So the highlighter it was.

See where others found their yellow subject matter at Sunday Stills.


June said...

Yellow highlighter is about as yellow as yellow gets, after all... :-)

Brenda said...

good choice!

MTWaggin said...

Good choice I am always anxious to see what you come up with. Isn't it fun how it makes us "look around"!?

Jan W said...

Oh my, I like that iris!
Your photos show a great deal of care, competence and inspiration. Very nice site!

Rising Rainbow said...

Yellow highlighter would be it for my desk too. Outside I am afraid it would be buttercups. With all the rain we have had for nearly a solid year now, those things have taken over everything. My poor pastures are a mess so I am pretty sick of yellow at the moment. LOL