Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our cool, wet, lengthy spring showed signs of coming to an end. Time to get the winter turnouts cleaned for summer storage and put the fly mask and fly spray at the ready.

Phantom's fly mask had served him well for two summers but it was getting pretty ratty, so last year I bought a new one as a backup. It was never put into service, so I whipped it out earlier this month, labeled it with Phantom's name in bold letters, and put it on the front of his stall. Shortly thereafter, the weather turned for the worse (like that was a surprise) and I tucked away the fly mask until last week -- when I replaced it on the front of the stall for the next warm day.

Within a couple of days the brand new fly mask with its sticky (no hair or hay stuck in the loops) double-Velcro closure was gone. Not on the front of the stall, not on Phantom, and not visible amid six-acres of grass.


After maybe wearing it 3-4 times?


I also noticed a few minor scrapes on Phantom's hide. Hmmm? Pasture fisticuffs? He's not ratting on his pasture mates or giving any hints as to what happened to the fly mask. I go to the tack store for another fly mask. I hope this one hangs around longer...our summer may actually begin this weekend.

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Oregon Equestrian said...

Phantom's new fly mask magically reappeared, as did Zorro's missing mask.


Oh well -- Gen and I aren't complaining.