Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fine Art Available for Purchase

Believe me, the following photograph is mesmerizing in person and it would make a stunning addition to anyone's home decor.

Here is another view of the photo:

It was a favorite of gallery visitors who couldn't pull themselves away from the photo or who were drawn back for another look.

This fantastic piece and other photos from Emily's Senior Project are available from Blue Box Art at Etsy.

This is one of my favorites from Emily's senior showing.

The feather almost appears three dimensional in person.

Also from her "Water Water Everywhere" exhibit, this work activates the viewer's imagination.

Proceeds from the sale of these fine art photographs benefit Charity Water. This is an opportunity to invest in gorgeous art as well as support a worthy nonprofit.


allhorsestuff said...

Those are tremdously gorgeous!
The Haystack with clouds appears to bea look into another world in the clouds! I love clouds!

Yes...the ANSUR saddles have come very far with the latest materials from NASA for shock absorbsion and flex -in the "Flexcore" tree.
So far, I only wish I'd gotten a 16 inch seat..there is so much more leather on them!
The mare's attidude is my whole t perception of how it is going...the arena is comming, that will tell me much too.
I'd love to have a "crossover". maybe I'll start saving now!

Rising Rainbow said...

What a beautiful contrast between the water and the clouds.