Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inventing a Game

So...I am once again off on a tangent with my writing. I hit a rough spot in Water Tribute and while I let a solution percolate, I've been doing research and development on The Adventure of the Blood Stone. I had a chance to run my idea for this YA fantasy novel past Emily, my First Reader. She seemed to like the characters, setting, and situation.

I refuse to use dragons, vampires, or zombies in my novels. Dragons have been way overdone and I suspect vampires are quickly approaching saturation. However, as the agents and editors say, when a good dragon or vampire story comes along they'll buy it. I will not be the one to write it.

I have been mulling over a different mythological creature for a feature role in one of my stories. One rarely used in fantasy novels, and one that has potential for one heck of a fun game.

Which sent me online to research mounted games.

I'm not sure how Jo Rowling went about creating quidditch. I don't know if they play dodge ball in Great Britain, but quidditch has all the earmarks of hockey, keep away, and dodgeball -- on flying broomsticks.

I began my research with polo, but polocrosse better suits my story. It's already a combination of two sports (polo and lacrosse) created in Australia.

Then I discovered pato, a mounted game from Argentina (also known as horseball). I've got to work it into my invented game!

Most mounted games had their origins as methods to teach and maintain battle skills. I hope to use the game to reveal character, create tension between characters, and foreshadow a pivotal scene later in the story.

Some time ago I discovered Patricia C. Wrede's world building questions at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America web site. The questions work whether creating a sf/f world from scratch or recreating a historical setting. Under the "Arts and Entertainment" section she asks "What sports or pastimes are common?"

So here I am, wondering how quidditch was birthed, and attempting to devise my own rock 'em, sock 'em game.

How much fun is fiction?!


the Goodwife said...

As a 33 year old gal, I love fantasy YA fiction. It has all the action without all the graphic sex (not that graphic sex is always a terrible thing) and I'm very excited about this book you are dreaming up! I'm going to follow you right now so I can stay in the loop!

Rising Rainbow said...

Fiction is cool and YA fantasy is my favorite although I am tired of dragons and really sick of vampires. Then I am a nut over children's books of all kinds. LOL

gowestferalwoman said...

Many stories I loved as a teenage reader had unicorns... the last unicorn has one of my saddest but favorite memories of a tale~

Molly: No, it can't be. Can it be? Where have you been? Where have you been? Damn you! Where have you been?
Schmendrick: Don't you talk to her that way!
Unicorn: I'm here now.
Molly: And where were you twenty years ago? Ten years ago? Where were you when I was new? When I was one of those innocent young maidens you always come to? How dare you! How dare you come to me now, when I am this!
Schmendrick: Can you really see her? Do you know what she is?
Molly: If you had been waiting to see a unicorn, as long as I have...
He: She's the last unicorn in the world.
Molly: And it would be the last unicorn that came to Molly Grue. It's all right, I forgive you...

I think i was all of 13 years old when i read this, and I still remember that sweet sad meeting of the two...

Anyhow, a unicorn/griffin animal would have lots of virtue and strength to be able to go long Sci Fi chukkas lol!